Definitions for "CLEO"
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This experiment is based at the CESR accelerator. It is most noted for its study of the B-meson system. For more information see:
The CLEO collaboration is a team of over 150 high energy physicists from 25 universities studying the production and decay of beauty and charm quarks and tau leptons produced in the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR). Armed with the versatile and powerful CLEO III detector, and a large sample of B mesons accumulated with the CLEO II detector, the collaboration makes some of the most sensitive tests of the Standard Model of elementary particles, key to understanding the forces of nature and the fundamental structure of matter.
Cleo is a Swedish drama/comedy TV series in two seasons, each consisting of nine episodes. The series was broadcast on SVT, the first season in 2002 and the second in 2003. Directed by Svante Kettner and screenplay by Michael Hjorth, Tomas Tivemark and Johan Kindblom.
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Cleo (クレオ, Kureo) is a character in Konami's role playing game Suikoden I. Highly loyal to Teo Mc Dohl whom she served under in the Succession War, Cleo became a servant in McDohl's household after the war. She is something of a mother figure to Teo's son Tir Mc Dohl and spent a lot of time looking after him as he grew up.
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CLEO - Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit, is an Internet router from Cisco Systems that was integrated into the UK-DMC Disaster Monitoring Constellation satellite built by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) as a secondary experimental payload, and launched into space with the satellite from Plesetsk on 27 September 2003.
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the show that didn't, this was supposed to be a rather large live show in central NY that never happened due to many unforeseen problems, several SRs were to be made for it including a gray Hagen-Renaker Girl W/ Pony (without girl).
Council on Legal Education Opportunity. A program aimed at helping and encouraging economically and educationally disadvantaged students to enter law school and become members of the legal profession.
CLEO is an Australian, New Zealand, and Singaporean women's magazine.
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CLEO (클레오) is Korean female band.