Definitions for "Chucks"
A friendly nickname for Converse " Chuck Taylor" All Star sneakers, usually used by their fanatics. Also known as Chuck Conners, Chuck T's, Chuckies, Chuckie T's, Felony Flyers, or Skippies.
People hear reports that the classic Converse " Chuck Taylor" All Star sneakers have been discontinued. Here are the facts of the matter: This is a nasty, nasty, horrible rumor spread by the grossly misinformed. The FACT is that Converse sells several million pairs annually... a significant contributor to the sales of their corporate parent, Nike. Converse Customer Service can point you to a dealer over the phone. People who have used this have told me "I didn't know about this place that had lots of Chucks just a few miles from where I live!" That a particular store has discontinued selling Chucks doesn't mean anything other than the store shoe buyer is a clueless bozo who really wants you to buy shoes elsewhere.
(also known as “Chuck Taylors”) Converse canvas sneakers in the style of Chuck Taylor All Stars. Chucks are the most popular types of Converse.
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are pieces used to aid the potter in trimming. A chuck is a form that can hold a pot upside-down above the wheel head while the potter trims it. Chucks are thrown and bisque fired clay cylinders which are open on both sides.
A component of a capping machine which holds the closure for application to the container.
The part used to hold the cutting or polishing tool (bur).
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See " Pink Chucks."
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Blocks inserted at the ends of cores to support rolls of paper on the roll stand.