Definitions for "Cherub"
Keywords:  angel, chubby, seraph, ezekiel, wings
A mysterious composite being, the winged footstool and chariot of the Almighty, described in Ezekiel i. and x.
A symbolical winged figure of unknown form used in connection with the mercy seat of the Jewish Ark and Temple.
One of a order of angels, variously represented in art. In European painting the cherubim have been shown as blue, to denote knowledge, as distinguished from the seraphim (see Seraph), and in later art the children's heads with wings are generally called cherubs.
The Cherub is a small, high performance See "Electrifying Performance". Cherubs have been videod at 25 knots, two man planing dinghy first designed in 1951 in New Zealand by John Spencer John Spencer - a brief biography (d 1994). The class is a development class, allowing for great variations within the set of rules.
A beautiful child; -- so called because artists have represented cherubs as beautiful children.
CHERUB is a series of children's books by Robert Muchamore about a group of children who attend the CHERUB campus to be trained as secret agents. The organisation is a children's branch of the British security service MI5, based on the fact that no criminal would suspect a child of spying on them.
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a sweet innocent baby
a symbolic figure representing certain characteristics of the Glory of God