Definitions for "Chelate"
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a compound formed by combination of a metal ion in solution with a compound containing heteroatoms (such as oxygen or nitrogen), in which at least two heteroatoms are bound to the metal. The bonds may be covalent or non-covalent. Chelates in some cases have very low dissociation constants, and organic compounds (chelating agents) which form such chelates are therefore used to reduce the concentration of free metal ions in solution.
Pronounced KEY-late. Also called sequester. It is the process of preventing metals in the water from combining with other components in water to form colored precipitates that stain pool walls and bottom or produce colored water.
Pincherlike; having two opposable claws.
Keywords:  cheliferous
Same as Cheliferous.
having a form of a chela
form a chelate, in chemistry
Chelating agents are used in facial and body washes, body scrubs and shampoos to deactivate hard calcium and magnesium minerals which can form dulling, film-forming lime soap deposits when hard water comes in contact with the pure soaps.
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a substance that attracts a foreign particle to it and bonds to it, or sometimes absorbs it
Combining nutrients in an atomic ring that is easy for plants to absorb.
a technique for combining nutrients in a more absorbable form.
a definite structure resulting from precise requirement of synthesis
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relating to or characterized by chelation