Definitions for "Chain Reaction"
Chain Reaction aims to be a replacement of the popular load testing products available in the market. Its modularised design can suffice the needs of any type of testing. Written in c++ provides it the power and speed necessary.
a reaction in which one of the agents necessary to the reaction is itself produced by the reaction, thus causing like reactions.
The continuing process of nuclear fissioning in which the neutrons released from a fission trigger at least one other nuclear fission. In a nuclear weapon, an extremely rapid, multiplying chain reaction causes the explosive release of energy. In a reactor, the pace of the chain reaction is controlled to produce heat (in a power reactor) or large quantities of neutrons (in a research or production reactor).
Keywords:  dominos, anticipation, wait, rapid, row
a set up followed by an anticipation wait, sometimes long and sometimes short followed by a series of rapid fire deliveries that fall like dominos in a row
Polymerisation initiated by the bonding of a free radical with a monomer.