Definitions for "CAUSE AND EFFECT"
4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 An organizational structure of text in which there is a description of events and their causes or consequences. Often, a single cause will have more than one effect, and a single event may have more than one cause.
RAD kids have trouble understanding the relationship between action and reaction. When parenting a RADish, one must make sure that there is a clear cause and effect to his actions, both good and bad. Bad behavior is followed by a consequence, to be determined by the parent.
The concept of cause and effect separates the Balanced Scorecard from other performance management systems. The measures appearing on the Scorecard should link together in a series of cause and effect relationships to tell the organization's strategic story. For example, organizations may hypothesize that an increase in employee training (Employee Learning and Growth Perspective) will lead to increased innovation (Internal Process Perspective). Increased innovation will lead to more loyal customers (Customer Perspective) which will drive increased revenue (Financial Perspective).
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