Definitions for "Critical Incident"
For the purpose of this resource, a critical incident will be defined as "any intentional violent act or behavior that may constitute an immediate threat to the safety of the school community."
An event that triggers reflective self-examination and critical assessment of the event.
Originally, a means of gathering data but can also stand as a research method. More recently, it has been applied to teaching and the development of reflective teachers as a trigger for learning. Teachers are asked to recall a specific incident or moment from their recent teaching experience, to write it down and to critique it, with the focus on the critique, rather than the incident (which could be a negative one). See also Reflective teacher
a situation that is traumatic for the front line worker involved
a story-version of an open-ended problem drama that is followed by questions for discussion
A fire scenario based largely on previous fire situation(s) in a planning area which would fully utilise local resources (people and other) in meeting the Department's fire suppression performance criteria. Forestry Victoria
an interaction between a user and a system that has a strong impact (either positive or negative) on the user's ability to perform a task