Definitions for "Cauldron"
a very large pot.
This is a goddess image that is used like a chalice or cup in rituals. In ancient times, it was practical because the cooking pot could be used for cooking & washing as well as making brews and magick potions. In Witta, the cauldron of death and rebirth is in possession of the crone in Tir-na-nog.
A black, cast iron pot which comes in various sizes. Frequently used for burning candles or incense, scrying, and making oils and brews. Symbolically represents the womb of the Goddess in Wicca.
Cauldron is a British computer game that was published in 1985 by Palace Software for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC home computers.
Cauldron is a fictional city in the Shackled City Adventure Path, an adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game (to which the title refers). The city is nominally located in the World of Greyhawk, though it is designed to be easily adapted to other campaign settings.
Keywords:  kinesis, stasis, mastery, trans, shock
A peak human experience, like sex, that, in combining both kinesis and stasis, pulls the human in opposite directions at the same time. In Trans-Biological Kinesis, a mastery of cauldron situations involves a major Shock.
Cauldron is a C++ library for the creation and manipulation of heterogenous containers, relying heavily on template metaprogramming. A highly compliant compiler and Boost is required.
a common heraldic charge in Spain, Portugal and Navarre