Definitions for "Calyptra"
A little hood or veil, resembling an extinguisher in form and position, covering each of the small flasklike capsules which contain the spores of mosses; also, any similar covering body.
Cover of young capsule Huikje
A thin veil or hood which covers the operculum.
Thickened or enlarged tip of a cyanobacterial filament charophyceans or charophyte green algae The group of green algae most closely related to the land plants, includes the zygnematalean algae ( Spirogyra and the desmids) as well as several other genera and the stoneworts
The genus Calyptra is a group of moths in subfamily Calpinae of the family Noctuidae. They are a member of the Calpini tribe. whose precise circumscription is uncertain but includes a number of other fruit-piercing or eye-frequenting genera currently classified in the subfamily Calpinae
Keywords:  hoodlike, flower, petals, fruit, grape
Hoodlike covering of a flower or fruit
The petals of a grape flower.