Definitions for "Strobilus"
The reproductive structure of gymnosperms. Strobili - normally known as 'cones' - are made up of a collection of modified leaves, but unlike flowering plants there are no colours or scents involved. The leaves become heavily lignified, which makes them tough, strong and waterproof. In between the leaves (or scales) can be found structures giving rise to pollen (in male strobili) or ovules (in female strobili). Over two or more years, the pollen is released, the ovules fertilised and the seeds slowly grow inside a cone. When the seeds are ready to be dispersed they are either shaken out by the wind from between the scales, or the entire cone is removed by animals (squirrels for example) to be eaten.
Reproductive organ of a conifer. Male resemble catkins, female resemble mature cones in miniature.
cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts