Definitions for "Buyer's Premium"
Keywords:  hammer, bid, auction, invoice, morrell
Each final bid is subject to a Buyer's Premium. The premium is a percentage that is added to your winning bid and constitutes the purchase price. If the buyer's premium is 10% and you bid $100.00 for an item the total before sales tax is $110.00. Applicable sales taxes are computed on this figure and the total becomes your final invoice or purchase price. In this instance, the total invoice price with 6% Florida Sales tax would be $116.60.
A percentage of the final bid price that the buyer pays to the auction house. This is a fee charged by the auctioneer to assist with the costs of offering the items for sale. The buyer's premium is part of the purchase price of an item and is also subject to taxes.
The additional amount above the final bid amount (also known as hammer price) that is paid as part of the total purchase price (20%)