Definitions for "Burns"
Skin appears red, inflamed, or blistered. Your pet may bite or paw at the injured area. Apply cold water, or a cold compress. A slight burn can be treated with a paste of baking soda and cool water.
A type of injury that comes in three forms, usually caused by heat/friction, chemicals or radiation. 1st Degree Burn (superficial) - A type of burn where only the top layer of skin is burned. Pain is usually intense, but the burn is usually not serious. Often caused by solar radiation (sunburn) or minor heat burns (rope-burn, scalding) 2nd Degree Burn (partial thickness) - A type of burn that affects both the outer and inner layer of skin. Pain is usually intense, and blisters form to protect against infection. Can be life-threatening if this type of burn covers a large percentage of the body. Normally caused by hot water splashed on skin, or heat burns. 3rd Degree Burn (full thickness) - A type of burn which affects all skin layers. The damage is so deep that there is very little pain; the nerve endings in this area have been destroyed. This area of skin usually looks dry, charred/black or even waxy. Infection is one of the most serious concerns, as there no longer is any barrier protecting that particular area from germs. Medical attention should be sought no matter how small a third degree burn is.
An injury to skin tissue caused by heat, chemicals, electricity or irradiation. Degrees Celsius or Centigrade.
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celebrated Scottish poet (1759-1796)
The name Burns is Scottish, meaning "someone who lived or worked by the burn". The word "burn" is old Scots for a stream or small river, though it sometimes meant "oak wood". Virtually every village and parish in Scotland would have had a burn, although the Burns Family is attached to the name Campbell and in clan terms is a "sept", a family too small or fragmented to be its own clan who became attached to a larger family/clan for protection or other benefits.
These are vitamin supplaments that help to flush your system.
Burns stand for tidings of good. To burn your hand in a clear and flowing fire, denotes purity of purpose and the approbation of friends. To burn your feet in walking through coals, or beds of fire, denotes your ability to accomplish any endeavor, however impossible it may be to others. Your usual good health will remain with you, but, if you are overcome in the fire, it represents that your interests will suffer through treachery of supposed friends.
A training technique used to push a set past the normal failure point, and thereby to stimulate it to greater hypertrophy. Burns consist of short, quick, bouncy reps 4-6 inches in range of motion. Most bodybuilders do 8-12 burns at the end of a set that has already been taken to failure. They generate terrific burn in the muscles, hence the name of this technique.
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small sections of melted nylon. On hockey jerseys they are the result of high-impact contact with the boards surrounding the ice. Those on football jerseys are the result of forceful contact with artificial turf.
a sophomore from El Paso, Texas majoring in Mechanical Engineering
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The feeling when the ligaments have been stretched to their max.
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United States comedian and film actor (1896-1996)
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Noun; A developer. Also known as "Marc".
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