Definitions for "Blisters"
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Tiny bubbles that appear on the surface of painted or lacquered pieces. On paintings and painted furniture blisters are usually caused by the piece being stored in damp, poorly ventilated areas. On varnished furniture the reverse is true. Blister on wood are generally caused by excessive dryness.
Bubbles that may appear on the asphalt roofing materials after they are installed.
A raised spot or bubble on the surface or a separation between layers, usually forming a void or air-filled space in the vulcanized article.
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the most common injury in hiking; often with people new to hiking, or with those wearing new boots a two sock system and proper fitting boots prevents most blisters a first aid kit with moleskin, scissors, and/or a 'second skin' type product should be carried by all participants
Sore areas that form due to the skin rubbing against another surface, causing separation of the layers of the skin. Fluid may accumulate between these layers of skin.
Caused when a spot on the foot is rubbed raw by tight shoes or repetitive motion. Use antiseptic cream and bandages to treat this foot problem.
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Block diagram Blooey line