Definitions for "BUMPERS"
Keywords:  sled, fins, they're, crew, bobsleigh
Felt or rubber attached to the back of a large and heavy frame at the bottom corners to provide a cushion between the frame and the wall and help the frame to hang flat against the wall.
Fins on the front and back of a sled; they're used by crew members when they're loading.
The fins on the front and back of a bobsleigh used by crew members when they're loading.
Keywords:  espy, clowns, tease, atv, sting
Short (usually 5-second) branded sponsorship credits appearing either side of a commercial break during a sponsored programme
see sting. As on cars or boats, a bumper on TV keeps things from crashing up against each other…you can have a bumper going into or out of commercial, for example, espy if there’s a sad story that might run up against a commercial with dancing clowns. Locally: ATV calls bumpers a tease with vo script, for an upcoming story.
Keywords:  repel, maximize, fused, seams, tail
Nose and tail bumpers help maximize seam strength. The fused seams provide structural integrity in high stress areas and help to repel water.
Keywords:  athlete, shocks, rear, absorb, front
Front and rear bumpers absorb shocks and protect the athlete from the wall.