Definitions for "Brood"
Keywords:  hatch, hen, bees, pupae, larvae
The young birds hatched at one time; a hatch; as, a brood of chickens.
The young from the same dam, whether produced at the same time or not; young children of the same mother, especially if nearly of the same age; offspring; progeny; as, a woman with a brood of children.
Sitting or inclined to sit on eggs.
To have the mind dwell continuously or moodily on a subject; to think long and anxiously; to be in a state of gloomy, serious thought; -- usually followed by over or on; as, to brood over misfortunes.
To think anxiously or moodily upon.
think moodily or anxiously about something
be in a huff and display one's displeasure; "She is pouting because she didn't get what she wanted"
be in a huff; be silent or sullen
Keywords:  vampires, cicadas, leader, sire, clan
A group of vampires gathered around a leader (usually their sire). A brood may in time become a clan(qv).
a group or age class of periodical cicadas that emerge in the same area during the same year
A group of vampires gathered around a single leader.
The Brood are a race of insect-like, parasitic, extraterrestrial beings that has appeared in many Marvel Comics, especially Uncanny X-Men. Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Dave Cockrum, they first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #155 (March 1982). Their appearance in Amalgam Comics was in The Exciting X-Patrol #1 in 1997.
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The year when the adults, producing the progeny tagged, returned to spawn. If more than one brood present, as in some wild stock tagging projects, the year reported is the dominant or first brood year.
Adult fish used for spawning.
A family of fish, a little older than fry but not yet considered adolescent fish.
A single generation of butterflies, all of which fly during the same time period.
A brood is a single generation of butterflies that live during the same time period.
hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing; "The terrible vision brooded over her all day long"
Keywords:  bred, breed, species, produced
That which is bred or produced; breed; species.
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Heavy waste in tin and copper ores.
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a natural water way smaller than a river