Definitions for "Huff"
To swell; to enlarge; to puff up; as, huffed up with air.
To treat with insolence and arrogance; to chide or rebuke with insolence; to hector; to bully.
To enlarge; to swell up; as, bread huffs.
a forced exhalation that moves mucus higher and makes it possible to cough up more mucus
a forced expiratory manouvre performed with an open glottis, resulting in lower intrathoracic pressures than a cough
a rapid forced expiration without a cough
blow hard and loudly; "he huffed and puffed as he made his way up the mountain"
Huff was a Showtime television series about a successful psychiatrist whose life changes abruptly when a 15-year-old client commits suicide in his office after rejection from exposing his homosexuality to his parents. After years of helping clients deal with their traumas, Huff now has to deal with his own, and is forced to re-evaluate his career and his entire take on life.
To remove from the board (the piece which could have captured an opposing piece). See Huff, v. i., 3.
To remove from the board a man which could have captured a piece but has not done so; -- so called because it was the habit to blow upon the piece.
In a number of board games, capturing an opponent's piece is compulsory when it is possible. In some games a player who fails to capture forfeits the piece which should have performed the capture. This forfeiture is known as a huff.
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a state of irritation or annoyance
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inhale recreational drugs
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a small breath IN and a fast breath OUT through an open mouth like you do to clean a spot off glass