Definitions for "Brilliancy"
An ingenious move which floors your opponent and dazzles the spectators e.g. QUETZALS linking two Triple Word Squares for 374
A spectacular and beautiful game of chess, generally featuring sacrificial attacks and unexpected moves. Brilliancies are not always required to feature sound play or the best moves by either side.
Total amount of white light returned to the eye from the gem material as the result of internal and external reflections. The major factors that affect the amount of brilliancy in a gem are refractive index, proportions, polish and transparency.
The amount of light the eye views from the stone as a result of the facets and gridle.
The total amount of light reflected from both the interior and exterior surfaces of a gemstone. The amount of brilliancy also depends on the cutting, transparency, facet angles, proportions and polish.
for Mercury and Venus the quantity ks2/r2, where k=0.5 (1+cos i), i is the phase angle, s is the apparent semidiameter, and r is the heliocentric distance.
Keywords:  outshines, quality, usual
a quality that outshines the usual
A really good game or combination that includes a piece sacrifice to win.
A game containing a very deep strategic idea, a beautiful combination, or an original idea or plan.
a combinative sequence which is understandable to anyone once the solution is revealed.
The brightness or intensity of a particular color.