Definitions for "Breakline"
A line that defines and controls the surface behaviour of a triangulated irregular network (TIN) in terms of smoothness and continuity. Physical examples of breaklines are ridge lines, streams, and lake shorelines.
A mid-sentence or paragraph that continues the story on the following page. Sometimes used to mean turnline.
A linear feature that defines and controls the surface behavior of a tin in terms of smoothness and continuity. Breaklines are always maintained as linear features in a tin. Stereo-digitized features containing x,y,z values such as streams and shorelines containing an elevation attribute are often stored as breakline features.
A line with a series of vertices that defines points of inflection in the topographic surface of the earth (i.e., places where there are sharp changes in the direction of slope on the earth's surface). Breaklines are used in conjunction with masspoints to form a DEM or DTM.
Line of demarcation between the old timber and the new growth. Deer "hold" to these breaklines and use them as new scraping and rubbing areas. They use the breaklines both in a parallel and perpendicular manner.
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An arc across the track denoting the point where runners may leave their original lane and use any part of the track, which is normally the inside lane.