Definitions for "Blood test"
A medical test to determine the percentage of alcohol in a person's blood. Sometimes used after a breath test if required by police. A person cannot force the police to arrange a blood test, although they may arrange a private test.• Drink Driving• Police Powers
a serologic analysis of a sample of blood
a colorectal cancer assay, often used with other tests, for follow-up of patients who already have had colorectal cancer and have been treated
a useful guide to doctors when they make a diagnosis of MPA or Wegener's
a very useful tool that enables a doctor to check for harmful organisms in your blood
a more accurate measuring tool
an accurate measure of this amount
a valuable tool to determine immediately any changes occurring in the body when the blood is drawn
a diagnostic procedure used to determine the level of IgE antibodies present in a person who has allergic
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a more sure way of telling whether you are pregnant or not
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an old fashioned phrase for the
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an indication of a short window of time