Definitions for "Blacks"
Keywords:  bdu, skirmishing, negro, dpm, airsofter
A person belonging to a dark-skinned race; African-Americans. African-Americans can trace their ancestry back to Africa. See also the definitions for African-American, Colored, and Negro.
Type of BDU For urban and night time skirmishing, green DPM clothing would be more noticeable than simply dressing in Black.  For these operations, the airsofter is considered to be dressed in 'Blacks'.  It is also worth noting that many modern sets of 'Blacks' are not actually black at all, rather a dark shade of blue-grey as this helps the wearer to blend in to a dark environment better.
slang for a certain flavor of hacked items used on Open blood runs/bloody runs Playing in the Bloody Foothills just outside of Harrogath in Act V repeatedly (usually beginning at the waypoint behind Shenk and working forward back toward Harrogath then starting a new game when finished).
The name of a kind of in used in copperplate printing, prepared from the charred husks of the grape, and residue of the wine press.
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Soot flying in the air.
Black curtains at the back and sides of the stage.
general purpose black drapes, used for masking areas on stage.
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this is the chip which is valued at $100.
Chips valued at $100.
One hundred dollar value casino chips.
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Black garments, etc. See Black, n., 4.