Definitions for "Bessemer Process"
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A method of producing steel, first introduced in the last century, where air is blown under pressure through molten iron to remove the impurities by oxidation. The development of the process has led to the present day Basic Oxygen Steel-making plants that account for bulk production of commercial quality steels in the UK.
Process by which high quality Steel is produced from molten Pig Iron. Now superseded by other methods, the process was patented by Henry Bessemer is 1856. The molten iron is poured into the 'Bessemer Converter' which is then tilted while air is blown at high pressure through the bottom of the converter. The process was completely superceded by 1974. The modern equivalent is the 'BOS' process where pure oxygen is bubbled though the iron in a vessel with a solid bottom. A Bessemer converter is preserved at Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield. The Bessemer Process Explained
a process of making steel involving the use of air forced through molten metal