Definitions for "Besieged"
A planet is besieged if falls between, and is in orb of, two other planets. A planet rejoices if it is besieged by benefics and is afflicted if besieged by malefics. Traditionally, a besieged planet lay between Mars and Saturn and in the same sign, however, common usage allows for a planet to be besieged if the outer two planets are in different signs.
A planet is besieged when it lies between two malefics, or when the next aspect it makes is with a malefic. Traditionally, a planet is besieged if it lies between Mars and Saturn and in the same sign with them.
surrounded by hostile forces; "the besieged town"
The casualty is a member of an organized element that has been surrounded by a hostile force for compelling it to surrender.
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D.C. was taken over by the Confederate soldiers.