Definitions for "Bate"
Keywords:  perch, flutter, hawk, falcons, bait
To attack; to bait.
To flutter as a hawk; to bait.
when a hawk jumps off the falconer's glove or a perch.
To lessen by retrenching, deducting, or reducing; to abate; to beat down; to lower.
To allow by way of abatement or deduction.
To remit or retrench a part; -- with of.
Keywords:  grainer, beamhouse, dung, hides, steep
An alkaline solution consisting of the dung of certain animals; -- employed in the preparation of hides; grainer.
To steep in bate, as hides, in the manufacture of leather.
an agent or an enzyme -containing preparation comprising the chemically active ingredients for use in beamhouse processes, in particular in the bating step of a process for the manufacture of leather
Keywords:  imp, bite
imp. of Bite.
Keywords:  strife, contention
Strife; contention.
Keywords:  bath, see
See 2d Bath.
Keywords:  deprive
To deprive of.
Keywords:  waste
To waste away.
Keywords:  except, leave
To leave out; to except.
Keywords:  remove
To remove.