Definitions for "Bags"
Plenty, a larger quantity. The sandbag revetted parapet of the trench (See "Hop the bags")
Bookmakers' Afternoon Greyhound Services.
Puffiness caused by water retention and a build-up of fat caused by skin slackening.
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A bag is a container that is usually used for storing or holding something. Bags to take along vary from small ones, e.g. as an alternative to putting personal things in pockets of clothing (e.g. handbag or sling back) to large ones for use in travelling. (e.g. travel bag)
a large amount
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Canvas bags, plastic bags, drawstring bags, filter, anti-static and mesh bag manufacturers.
everything you need to know about bags
There's a different bag for every camcorder. You can get one for any use you can think of. For example, how about a waterproof camera bag to go with your underwater video camera? Bags were originally designed for accessories, but you know how it is with a bag – you can put anything you like in it.
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Tricks won during a round in excess of the number bid
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Poly film that is cut, sealed, and used as a flexible, protective container
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This is what pilots call flight suits.
a combination of several factors working together