Definitions for "Backstop"
In baseball, a fence, prop. at least 90 feet behind the home base, to stop the balls that pass the catcher; also, the catcher himself.
In rounders, the player who stands immediately behind the striking base.
(baseball) a fence or screen (as behind home plate)
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A small block on the bow end of the slide, which holds the seat on track.
(UK) The sliding seat position closest to the boat's bow.
Keywords:  longstop, cricket, keeper, wicket
In cricket, the longstop; also, the wicket keeper.
Keywords:  bolster, support
To support or bolster.
A device incorporated into the conveyor drive train that prevents belt roll-back in the event of power loss.
Something that will safely stop a bullet and prevent it from hitting anything else.
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Alternative sources of energy which are assumed to become commercially available at some future date. Examples of potential backstops include solar, bio-mass, and fusion energy.
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Backstop is a fictional character in the series.
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act as a backstop