Definitions for "aww "
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Average Weekly Wage X Y Z
Average Weekly Wage. Wage used to calculate total disability benefit rates for most claimants. Defined at 1/52nd of the injured worker's average annual earnings (200-300 times average daily wage, depending on work schedule), based on the prior year's payroll data. If an injured worker has not worked a substantial portion of the immediately preceding year, the average wage of a comparably employed worker is used in the Board's calculations.
Average Weekly Wage. The AWW is another method which may be utilized in calculating entitlement to wage loss benefits. The average earnings, by week, for a fixed period of time are calculated and wage loss benefits are computed according to that amount.
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aww is a frontend for WML, the Website META Language. It does much more than the wmk tool that comes with WML, and can easily be extended with modules.