Definitions for "AUCTION DRAFT"
Keywords:  roster, fantasy, nfl, draft, league
An alternative to the more common "serpentine" drafting method, auction drafting allows fantasy football owners to build a roster by bidding dollar amounts on individual players. Each team begins the auction with a set salary cap - the total amount of money that can be spent to acquire players. In this form of drafting, any player can be offered for bid by the team that is “up” with the high bidder acquiring him. Important strategy develops in the selection of which player is to be offered for auction at a particular time in the draft. Teams must build rosters by purchasing players without exceeding their overall salary cap.
A fantasy football draft that gives a pre-determined amount of fantasy cash to each owner to bid on NFL players in order to fill their roster. Often times, players will be given an amount, say $260--despite the fact they only paid a $50 or $100 to enter the league.
a drafting method that would allow for any team owner to potentially pick up any player because you are not relying on the luck of the draw to see who picks first