Definitions for "Attribute list"
Keywords:  whitespace, tivoli, colon, list, editor
In Tivoli Access Manager, a linked list that contains extended information that is used to make authorization decisions. Attribute lists consist of a set of keyword = value pairs.
a sequence of attribute specifications, separated by whitespace or a colon (with optional whitespace)
The editor where the attributes are modified. Also the list of attributes themselves, which can be saved as a separate file.
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a string encoding
Keywords:  markup, tag, set, value, binding
a binding from a fixed set of attribute names to values
Markup that is a set of one or more attribute specifications, shown as: attribute="value" attribute="value" attribute="value" The markup is used within a Start Tag, as in: element_name attribute="value" attribute="value" attribute="value"
a property of its element, but that property is not one of the privileged ones that define the content tree