Definitions for "Asatru"
Keywords:  norse, religion, satr, troo, aesir
satrú describes a variety of efforts to revive the indigenous, pre-Christian religions of the Teutonic tribes of Northern Europe. Organizations which identify themselves as Ásatrú usually base their lists of gods on Norse mythology and the Icelandic sagas as well as other scanty historical evidence.
(OW-sah-troo) written out phonetically for native English Speakers) = faith in the Aesir (see Asgardh). The Germanic Pagan religion, also known by many other names. See Folk.
Sometimes known as Odinism, although many Asatruar now reject the later term for a variety of reasons, including a non-focus on the god Odin. A Pagan religion based around old Norse traditions. Not Wiccan. A small number of Asatru/Odinist groups are dedicated to white-supremacy, and they are frequently unwelcome in both Pagan communities and the wider Asatru community. (see Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans)