Definitions for "ASAP"
Australian Safeguards Assistance Program
Architects li a href http uk srd yahoo com S D CS SS SIG loruuf http A www asap unimelb edu au Australian Science Archives Project
ASAP was a hard rock band created by guitarist and vocalist Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden fame. ASAP released an album in 1989 titled Silver And Gold.
Association of Securities Analysts of the Philippines
ASAP '07, originally known as simply ASAP is a variety show broadcast on ABS-CBN every Sunday afternoon in the Philippines.
Allele specific associated primer. Similar to ASO or AS-PCR. The sequence of the deca-mer oligo is derived from normal RAPD, which generated an absence/presence polymorphism. These absence/presence polymorphisms do not require electrophoretic separation of the sample. Presence of an amplification product is detected by measuring fluorescence of Ethidium-Bromide stained DNA.
Arbeitskreis zur Standardisierung von Applikationssystemen (workgroup for the standardization of application systems)
"As soon as possible" - an indication in applications and other instructions not to wait.
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As Soon As Possible - please hurry.
an e-mail or fax news service that provides vital and timely updates on breaking legislative and regulatory developments critical to those in the retirement plan field
The Associated Press news portal targeted at 18-34 year olds. It was launched in September 2005 with a stated intention of bringing high quality news content to a seemingly underserved readership segment and helping the AP's members attract that audience. It employs two dozen reporters, editors, photographers and designers at AP headquarters in New York and in the field who are charged with creating a daily multimedia product that reflects the newsgathering depth and breadth of the AP, the world's largest newsgathering organization.
Automatic Shipboard Aerological Program
1. AHOS SHEF Automatic Processing System 2. As soon as possible (may be used in Area Forecast Discussions)
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as soon as possible (predates textspeak) be
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( abbrev.) As soon as possible.
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as soon as possible. an activity for which the early start date is set to be as soon as possible. This is the default activity type in most project management systems.
As soon as possible. In ITV, this term means "as soon as possible after NTID projects, RIT projects for deaf students, exchange projects with use dates, and exchange projects without use dates."
Accelerated SAP AcceleratedSAP is a standardized method for implementing SAP R/3 (today mySAP Enterprise Resource Planning) and further upgrades. Using ASAP cuts the SAP R/3 implementation timeframe by up to 50 percent.
Airspace Analysis from Photogrammetry
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adv]: As Soon As Pigs fly
Alt Anonymous Shoppers and Assessments of Pittsburgh
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Shorthand for "As soon as possible".
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Automated Standard Application for Payment (ASAP) ( link to)
Automated Standard Application for Payments System Additional Information:
abbreviation for As Soon As Possible, meaning please be quick (4.48 Psychosis).
Army Substance Abuse Program
Academic Strategic Alliance Program
American Society for Action on Pain
Assaulted Staff Action Programme
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A bad word. Please give us a specific deadline.
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Asynchronous Service Access Protocol ASAP is a protocol for asynchronous communications between clients and services.
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Any service, any port
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As soon as possible Back
As soon as possible3/4