Definitions for "Around the world"
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A common way to keep track of games won when playing for small money is to use a coin that is placed under the rail next to the diamonds on the rail. The center diamond at the head of the table is taken as zero, and each diamond from that is considered to be one game. To go 'around the world' is to beat your opponent so badly that the coin travels all the way around the diamonds on the table.
(aka "Jules V*rne") - Have sex with an Asian person, a European person, an African person, and a South or Latin American in the space of no more than a month. Extra points if you also nail some borderline chicks such as Russians or other Slavs, Middle Eastern Women, Southeast Asians, Native Americans, Australians, Samoans, or Indians. - McWopper, Mr. President, Squanto, Ling-Ling, Wilcro, Big Ju and the rest of the A-team
Around the World was the theme song from the 1956 movie "Around the World in 80 Days."
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The act of kissing the entire body from one end to the other as a prelude for other sexual activity
The act of kissing the entire body as a prelude to sex
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legs come up in a pike, then circle around to a toetouch - HARD to do and land with your feet together.
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Anilingus and Fellatio.
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(1) Rimming. Oral sex on the anus of either sex. (2) Three acts in a session: oral, vaginal, and anal.