Definitions for "Ancients"
Keywords:  fiction, thyrion, nosgoth, roivas, kain
Generic term applying to several races who are at least 1 million years older than the current societies. The whereabouts of these races are unknown. The UFP & Zargah stumble into a war with the Essence Ancients over time travel technology that the UFP discovered on their old home planet called Essence.
A mighty race that once ruled the entire Galaxy and was the first of all sentient races to reach space travel age. Born in the mystic world of Thyrion, this race was superior both in body and mind. They were humanoid in appearance, even though they were clearly distinct from other lesser races, including us, humans.
The Ancients are a fictional race of gods or god-like beings from the video game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Bound by mysterious events in the past, the Ancients wait beyond the veil of our perception, biding their time until the right moment to return to our mortal plane and enact the enslavement and destruction of humanity. The game's protagonists, particularly Alexandra Roivas, must put an end to their machinations.
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The original settlers of Pern.
The name the Minbari use of the generations who lived before Valen's time.
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The people of the First World, i.e. before the Demon-Kings.
Term for coins of the world struck circa 600 B.C. to circa 450 A.D.
people who lived in times long past (especially during the historical period before the fall of the Roman Empire in western Europe)