Definitions for "Anaheim"
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Although Anaheim Electronics' main mobile suit factories are located at Granada and Von Braun, the company is actually headquartered at its namesake lunar city of Anaheim. The Titan cruiser Alexandria visits this city to collect its initial complement of RMS-108 Marasai mobile suits. [ Zeta Gundam
Los Chiles Verdes, California o Anaheim enteros en agua de la marca Embasa. (Chilaca) Su picor es muy suave.
Named after Anaheim, California and sometimes called New Mexican chiles. Long (6 to 8 inches) and narrow, green when fresh and bright red when ripe. Sweet, mild to moderately hot. They are stuffed, made into sauces, and stews. Dried red chiles are tied into ristras- decorative wreaths.
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a great place to stay in a hotel or motel