Definitions for "Anadromous"
Ascending rivers from the sea, at certain seasons, for breeding, as the salmon, shad, etc.
An adjective describing fish that swim up a river from the sea to spawn. They are as comfortable in saltwater as they are in freshwater.
A management program for anadromous steelhead and chinook salmon which provides for harvest opportunity, where possible, on known hatchery origin fish while preserving and rebuilding wild and natural fish.
a type of venation in which the first set of veins in each segment of the frond originates from the acroscopic side of the midrib, as in Polystichum australiense. cf. catadromous.
Tending upwards; -- said of terns in which the lowest secondary segments are on the upper side of the branch of the central stem.
Having the first lobe or segment of a pinna arising basiscopically in compound leaves.