Definitions for "By-catch"
Refers to a catch on a non-target species of fish during fisheries directed at other species. A good example of by-catch is the steelhead captured during fisheries for chum and sockeye salmon. Since these 3 species have overlapping migration timings, it is difficult to harvest one without taking some of the other.
Living creatures which are caught unintentionally by fishing gear. Bycatch includes those fish captured by fishers (both commercial and recreational) that are undersized, prohibited, inedible or unsaleable. It also includes dolphins, albatrosses and turtles. Search for more information...
Non-targeted fish species and marine life caught incidentally by fishing vessels—whether in nets or otherwise. By-catch has to be thrown overboard, regardless of whether it's dead or not. Factory trawlers, in particular, are criticized for wasting millions of pounds of fish annually.