Definitions for "ambergris "
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A substance of the consistence of wax, found floating in the Indian Ocean and other parts of the tropics, and also as a morbid secretion in the intestines of the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), which is believed to be in all cases its true origin. In color it is white, ash-gray, yellow, or black, and often variegated like marble. The floating masses are sometimes from sixty to two hundred and twenty-five pounds in weight. It is wholly volatilized as a white vapor at 212° Fahrenheit, and is highly valued in perfumery.
The rarest of raw materials ambergris is essentially whale vomit! Sperm whales are unable to completely digest the beaks and other bony parts of the squid that they feed on regularly. These partially digested bony parts collect in a whale stomach until the whale regurgitates these masses into the sea. The combination of salt water and ocean weather further processes the regurgitated material. Eventually it washes up on shore in solid form where it is collected and processed in the only ambergris processing plant in the world, located in France.
True ambergris, said to smell like a combination of cypress and patchouli, is secreted by sperm whales. Commercial ambergris is usually an oil blend that mimics this scent.
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The goal of ambergris is to provide a simple Ruby solution to two-way sync appointments and contacts between Evolution and Kolab2 for offline work.
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