Definitions for "Albacore"
A name applied to several large fishes of the Mackerel family (Scombridae), esp. Thunnus alalunga (formerly Orcynus alalonga); it is a type of tuna or tunny. The name has been also applied to a larger related species, Thunnus thynnus (formerly Orcynus thynnus), common in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, which is called in New England the horse mackerel.
relatively small tuna with choice white flesh; major source of canned tuna
large pelagic tuna the source of most canned tuna; reaches 93 pounds and has long pectoral fins; found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters
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The Albacore is a 4.5 m (15 ft) planing dinghy developed in 1954 from an Uffa Fox design.
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a double handed sailboat with a crew and helm (the driver)