Definitions for "AIF"
Apoptosis Inducing Factor This is a flavoprotein released from the mitochondria through the PT pore. It is translocated to the nucleus where it causes DNA fragmentation into ~50kb pieces.
Anterior Interbody Fusion. A surgical procedure which involves the replacement of some or all of the disc with a bony graft through an anterior approach. This technique is used commonly in the cervical spine to treat degenerative disc disease and HNP (herniated nucleus pulposus). This technique is also used in the lumbar spine to accomplish a fusion in many situations.
Acoustic Insulation Factor, a sound transmission measure used in Canada
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A I F (also known as A.I.F. or AIF) is a free science fiction role playing game by Nasti Dyne, an amateur development group lead by Dave Littley and Clayton Castle. It takes place about 3000 years into our future. Human beings have met countless species, and with them, have explored and colonized a space encompassing over three galaxies.
Anti-Iraqi Forces
Australian Imperial Force
The Analysis Interchange Format ( AIF) provides a mechanism for sharing models of embedded systems among modeling and analysis tools. It supports the physical representation of the system, i.e., how the system maps to processors.
( Audio Interchange File Format) The AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) from Apple... ( more)
Audio file formats on the Macintosh platform.
Annual Information Form. A Document which contains information, required by law, which is not included in a mutual fund or other company's simplified prospectus or annual financial statements. Investors do not have to be given a copy of the AIF but the prospectus must state that it is available on request.
Annual Information Form. Contains information that must by law be disclosed. Insider shareholdings and executive compensation are among the topics covered in the AIF.
Automated Installation Intelligence File
Automated Information Facility. An automated message service used by banks to assist with credit and liquidity management.
Application Information File.
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Area Investment Frameworks