Definitions for "Frameworks "
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A term used by some parallel object-oriented groups (e.g., POET and POOMA) to distinguish their systems from more traditional library- or language-based parallel programming environments. A framework provides an environment that takes care of the top level and provides a frame within which user-modified components can be placed. It usually comes with an assortment of pre-made components to help the user rapidly take advantage of the system. Examples include POET and POOMA, and also TCL/Tk, Smalltalk, and Visual Basic.
When a particular frame of mind becomes so solidified in our orientation, it then becomes our characteristic mind-set or attitude, this transforms it into one of the very basic frameworks of our mind and personality, thereby giving it even more power and influence over us.
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Frameworks is a stop-motion animation frame capture software application for Linux. Frameworks captures images from a camera and strings them together into an animation. These still PNG images may then be combined into a single video file using other software. Only video4linux webcams are currently supported. Frameworks is designed to be easily used alongside the GIMP Animation Package .