Definitions for "Affordability"
Keeping a resource decision within its allocated budget
Some [lenders] are no longer basing the decision on how much to lend an [applicant] purely on a set [income multiple] but they are looking at all aspects of the clients financial situation to determine how much they are willing to lend somebody, for example they will looking at salary, bonuses, [income], [outgoings], credit score etc.
(housing) is measured by the Housing Affordability Index - the ratio of average household disposable income in an area to the income required to meet payments of a typical home. The higher the number, the more affordable property is.
This is a general evaluation of the amount of money you can afford while purchasing a home. The affordability factor gives the consumer a probable price which can be allotted against their affordability factor. It also mentions about the mortgage required to pay that amount.
MP] A consumer's capacity to afford a house.
A consumer's capacity to afford a house. Affordability is usually expressed in terms of the maximum price the consumer could pay for a house, and be approved for the mortgage required to pay that amount.
One of the three IEA sustainability criteria referring to the relative price of energy in terms of its consequent availability to users ranging from industries down to individual households.
A determination that the life cycle cost of an acquisition program is in consonance with the long-range investment and force structure plans of the DoD or individual DoD Components.
achievement of the goals of relevance, quality, access, and accountability at costs that are within the provincial fiscal framework and are affordable to students.