Definitions for "Accomodation"
Second stage in the adaptation of schema. In our bus example (see Organisation) accommodation occurs when the toddler forms new schema to accommodate similar stimuli to 'bus'. Such as a schema for lorries, tractors, caravans etc. What this means in a practical sense is that when the toddler sees a bus he/she says 'Bus'. A lorry, 'Lorry' etc. Accommodation helps us discriminate and make a specific interpretation of stimuli in our world. Piaget said that the process of adaptation of schema occurs because of imbalance. When we initially assimilate schema we are in a state of disequilibrium or imbalance. Our general interpretation of our world just isn't right. A lorry etc. isn't a bus! This discomfort sees us moved to accommodate the assimilated schema better. When done, we are in a state of balance, or equilibrium about the stimuli in our world.
Up to middle age, the eye has the ability to increase the curvature of the crystalline lens, a process called accommodation, and thereby increase its overall optical power.  Correction outside of this requires spectacles or contact lenses.
ability to focus eyes
a little pricey but after a couple of months you may find other teachers to move in with at a cheaper rate
the theory that states that minorities can maintain their distinctive subcultures and simultaneously interact with relative equality in the larger society.