Definitions for "Zygote"
(Gr. zygoô, to yoke) n. A cell formed by the union of two gametes; broadly: the developing individual produced from such a cell.
zygoein = to yoke together; fusion of male and female germ cells.
the cell that results when an egg is fertilized by a sperm
Keywords:  zebra, goat, cross
a cross between a zebra an a goat
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a female who is, to put it simply, damn fine
Keywords:  reform, twin, human, split, distinct
a human PERSON, a genetically distinct human individual
an actual human being Once again, humans do not split into twin organisms, and then reform twin organisms into one
a parasite, by any definition of parasite, until it is capable of sustaining its own existence
Keywords:  fetus, life
a fetus is a life