Definitions for "Zip "
Zip is a compression and file packaging utility for Unix, VMS, DOS, OS/2, Windows 9x/NT, Amiga, Atari, Macintosh, BeOS, SMS/QDOS, MVS, VM/CMS, and others. It is analogous to a combination of the Unix commands tar and compress and is compatible with PKWARE's PKZIP and Nico Mak's WinZip. It's part of the Info-ZIP project.
A method of file compression originally used with MSDOS and a file extension for files which are zip compressed.
a type of compressed archive for storing files (SparkFS can de-archive it)
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A zig-zag lead form to increase the spacing between leads.
Zig-Zag Inline Package. A single chip in which the leads are on 0.050" centers along one edge, but are formed alternately into two rows that are on 0.100" centers.
a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab
A type of closure and fastener consisting of two rows of interlocking metal or plastic teeth with an attached pull-tab to open and lose the fastener.
A fastening device operating by means of two parallel rows of metal or plastic teeth on either side of a closure that are interlocked by a sliding tab. The teeth are carried in two zip fastener tapes that run the length of the zip and which are usually stitched into apparel and other textile products.
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a quantity of no importance; "it looked like nothing I had ever seen before"; "reduced to nil all the work we had done"; "we racked up a pathetic goose egg"; "it was all for naught"; "I didn't hear zilch about it"
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gun - a homemade gun; illegal single-shot pistol; constructed of a short length of pipe attached to the frame of a cap gun or toy, with a firing mechanism made of a nail head and elastic (rubber) bands.
Zip was a Canadian discount airline based in Calgary, Alberta launched by Air Canada as a no-frills subsidiary in September 2002. It operated a fleet of 12 Boeing 737 aircraft, each painted in a different bright, neon colour with a single class of service.
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Zip is a removable disk technology that was introduced by Iomega to allow users to store 100 megabytes of data on a disk that's only a little bigger than a three-and-a-half-inch floppy. The standard has gained wide acceptance in the industry and has come to be regarded as a sort of "giant floppy" drive. In fact, it has been said that Zip disks often ridicule floppies and kick sand on them at the beach.
A hissing or sibilant sound such as that made by a flying bullet.
To make, or move with, such a sound.
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Zoster Immune Plasma
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move very fast; "The runner zipped past us at breakneck speed"
See: Zone Information Protocol (ZIP)
Zone Information Protocol. An AppleTalk protocol that maintains the mapping between zone names and network numbers and provides applications and processes with access to zone names.
Zone Improvement Plan. A 5-digit code established in 1963 to identify the individual post office associated with an address
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A term that describes a hand that consists of poor cards, such as being dealt a 2-8 off suit in texas hold'em.
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close with a zipper; "Zip up your jacket--it's cold"