Definitions for "Yogi"
A follower of the yoga philosophy; an ascetic.
1) One who practices yoga. 2) One who has attained perfection through yogic practices.
(rnal 'byor pa) Tantric practitioner.
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a Futon Cover in Kimono shape
A futon shaped like a Kimono or a Kimono which is made of futon materials.
Yogi (Telugu: యోగి) is a Telugu film directed by V.V. Vinayak, which has Prabhas and Nayantara paired up for the first time. Ramana Gogula, who composed music for V.V.
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a environmentalist
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a humanitarian
One who, through extreme relaxation and meditation, can perform superphysical and supernatural feats. Zodiac – the twelve astrological signs used to predict a person's future.
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a very sensual being
a person who has gained enough knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the world that is inside us and the world that is outside us
a person who has pondered enough and has done enough self-reflection and self-inquiry who has understood ultimately the value of our entire human heritage and who has respect for that
a person who leans completely on the Supreme Consciousness, God, until they have merged their individual self with the Infinite Self
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Trail users "yogi" when they entice a non-trail user out of something they need or want without actually asking for it. Named after Yogi the Bear from cartoon fame because of his habit of making off with peoples picnic baskets.
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a man whose goodwill is allied to wisdom
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a lover of the seed and the lover never likes to be far away from his beloved
Non-Directional Communications Antenna (microfrequency).
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a revelation from one who is where the truth is
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United States baseball player (born 1925)