Definitions for "Yellowcake"
A concentrate produced during the milling process that contains 80 percent uranium oxide. In preparation for uranium enrichment, the yellowcake is converted to uranium hexafluoride is produced gas. In the preparation of natural uranium reactor fuel, yellowcake is processed into purified uranium dioxide. Sometimes uranium hexafluoride is produced as an intermediate step in the purification process.
a mixture of uranium oxides that can vary in proportion and in color from yellow to orange to dark green (blackish) depending on the temperature at which the material was dried (level of hydration and impurities). Higher drying temperatures produce a darker, less soluble material. Yellowcake is commonly referred to as U3O8. This fine powder is packaged in drums and sent to a conversion plant that produces uranium hexafluoride (UF6) as the next step in the manufacture of nuclear fuel. (Ref. Nuclear Regulatory Commission) return to: [] [ Click "BackButton" for previous location
A yellow powder that is mostly uranium. Yellowcake is produced by pouring crushed uranium ore into an acid which dissolves the uranium. The acid is drained from the crushed ore and dried, leaving a yellow powder called yellowcake.