Definitions for "Yantra"
mystical diagram; combination of geometrical pattern representing particular supramental forces, associated with various deities. For exemple, the Shri Yantra is closely linked to Shiva
Refers to any (mystical) word, letter, diagram, figure or picture, which is worshipped for worldly or spiritual progress.
a series of nested geometrical figures used for advanced concentration exercises. The best known of these yantras is called Shri Yantra, which consists of a central dot surrounded by seven arrays of interlaced equilateral triangles, within a square. In the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, you learn to meditate on the Siddhi Yantra, which reveals to you the abilities of your Soul.
It is a visual concentration for each chakra used to channel psychic force.
an instrument designed to curb the psychic forces by concentrating them on a pattern
A mechanical contrivance used by Tvasta to diminish the tejas of the sun
a mathematical representation of Absolute Reality, symbolising the Divine Conscious Force who is infinite in her powers and personalities
an attempt at interpreting the 'infinite' in finite terms
a two dimensional glyph that is designed to evoke a fourth dimensional experience
a container of spritual energy
an energy that gives a certain effect
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a drawing which guides a person toward higher thoughts or God
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a tool or a medium
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