Definitions for "Yang "
Keywords:  yin, chinese, heaven, cosmology, sunny
one of the two fundamental principles. See yin and yang.
The active, positive, masculine polarity. In Chinese medicine, Yang means excessive, overactive, overheated. The Yang organs are the Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Stomach, Bladder, and Triple Burner.
More active energy. Some yang qualities are heat, dryness, movement, and an upward direction.
Keywords:  cry, goose, wild, honk
The cry of the wild goose; a honk.
To make the cry of the wild goose.
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Street Fighter fighting game series. Yang wears a sleeveless salmon kung fu shirt, yellow wristbands, black pants and sneakers. He is the twin brother of Yun and two are collectively known as the .
Excuses, useless dialogue, verbal excess
This represents heat and the body's ability to generate and maintain warmth and circulation.