Definitions for "Yacht"
Keywords:  sail, sailboat, pleasure, cruise, boat
A light and elegantly furnished vessel, used either for private parties of pleasure, or as a vessel of state to convey distinguished persons from one place to another; a seagoing vessel used only for pleasure trips, racing, etc.
General term for a boat used solely for the personal pleasure of the owner pleasure
ya-tt A light sailing vessel, esp., equipped for racing, ii) a larger usu. power driven vessel equipped for cruising, iii) a light vessel for travel on sand or ice, iv) race or cruise in a yacht.
Keywords:  teak, throw, hole, pour, money
a hole in the water lined with teak into which you throw money
a hole in the water that you throw money into
a hole in the water you pour money into
Keywords:  cooped, they've, worried, tired, people
an object that many people view as a symbol of when they've made it
a small place to be cooped up with other people for days and weeks on end, and people may well be tired, or worried
Keywords:  voyage, manage
To manage a yacht; to voyage in a yacht.
Keywords:  tidy, nice, ship, small, live
a small place to live in and it must always be kept tidy
a very nice small ship
Keywords:  baikal, greatest, lake, sea, contact
a possible way of the contact with the greatest lake the Baikal Sea
Keywords:  symphony, love, labor, skill, years
a symphony of labor, skill, love and years
You will have an improvement in your financial circumstances if you dream of being entertained on a yacht.
a floating hotel - where service and food are customized for the client
a very complex machine that must provide transportation, domestic comfort, style and safety
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a big investment
a large investment
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Keywords:  object, large
a very, very large object
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