Definitions for "YAC "
a vector used to clone DNA fragments from 300 kb to one megabase (unit of length for DNA fragments equal to one million nucleotides) in length. These clones can span large portions of the genome rapidly, but can be highly unstable
See Yeast artificial chromosome (YAC)
Yeast artificial chromosome, used as a vector system for cloning DNA fragments that can be hundreds of kilobases long. Linear cloning vectors constructed from essential elements of yeast chromosomes. They can accommodate foreign DNA inserts of 200 to 500 kb.
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Yards After Catch. The number of yards a receiver gains from the spot on the field at which he establishes possession of a passed football to the play's end. Example: A receiver catches a pass at his 10-yard line and is tackled (or run out of bounds) at his 24-yard line. He is credited with 14 yards after catch.
Short for Yards After Catch. Abbreviation used in reference to receiver stats.
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YAC is a Web counter and logger written in Perl. It counts only "real" visits, meaning that it increases the counter only if there was no request from the same IP within one hour, but logs every page hit. It has 3 output modes and a configurable minimum number of digits displayed. To avoid corrupt data it uses flock for all file operations.
Youth Advisory Council
Youth AIDS Communicator
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