Definitions for "XMI"
Keywords:  uml, mof, metadata, omg, interchange
" A standard way to present MOF meta-data modeling objects using XML". //
XML Metadata Interchange, an OMG specification that provides a standard way of exchanging metadata between software tools, repositories and data warehouses. XMI is based on XML, UML and MOF.
An open information interchange model intended to give developers working with object technology the ability to exchange programming data over the Internet in a standardized way, bringing consistency and compatibility to applications created in collaborative environments. XMI is intended to be either stored in a traditional file system or streamed across the Internet from a database or repository.
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XJACK® is a type of connector for notebook computer modem that allows a standard telephone connector to snap into the modem. Internal modems for notebook computers come on a slim Personal Computer Memory Card International Association card.
Keywords:  quotron, mmi, symbol, derivative, major
Applies to derivative products. Quotron symbol for the Major Market Index (MMI).
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The Miles eXtended MIDI, used by Miles sound system.